Saturday, 29 June 2013

Japan, corporal punishment, and house slave required.

So, I am looking to travel to Japan, for sessions and fun :) am currently booking so if you have any tips, tourist, BDSM and accomodation related do get in touch. I will also be taling applications to serve me and or sponsor my trip.

I am looking for a new house maid or boy. you must be able to commit a good chunk of time to me once or twice a week, and enjoy menial tasks, DIY skills a huge plus as are computer/internet ones. You must be comfortable around my guest and myself and not be useless. Email me.

I now am doing 30 mins corporal punishment only sessions. Again email for details.

webiste and gallery getting a complete overhaul very soon.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Filming, Travels, Summer Frolics....


Well I've been having fun and travelling. I had lots of fun in Belgium and Holland! I shall be back in Holland soon and am booking a trip to Berlin within the next month, so get in touch for dates.

Aldo I shall be in New York City in October...exciting!

I have been filming with Mistrix E and have some shooting plans with Lady Bellatrix, so keep an eye on my clips4sale and for slave requests.. the next round of filming will be very interesting to say the least...

Monday: 11am till late
Tuesday: 8pm till late
Wednesday: 11am till late
Thursday: 11am till late
Friday: 11am till late
Saturday: 7pm till late
Sunday: 11am till late

I have been squeezing in the odd same day, call early for these...