Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Multi Mistress Day

Muti Mistress Day – 21st August 2013 – 1pm to 10pm

Mistress Absolute, Mistress Isabella Black, Mistress Jezabel, Mistress Megara Furie and Mistress Hurtmore will ALL be in residence in the London W4 playspace on Wednesday 21st August. The playspace boasts a fully kitted dungeon, schoolroom and medical room – see www.londonfetishstudio.com for pictures.

Appointments are available from 1pm and the Ladies will finish playing at 10pm making the last available appointment 10pm

No more than 3 slaves, subs, masochists and playthings will be allowed at any one time so the ratio will be 5/3 maximum

slaves, subs, masochists and playthings are invited to attend on the following basis:

·         £300 an hour for a multi Mistress experience with up to 2 other playthings present

·         £600 for an hour of EXCLUSIVE play with all 5 Ladies (if you dare!!)

·         £200 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours multi Mistress experience with up to 2 other playthings present

For more information or to apply please email Mistress Absolute: max@nixnet.com or call 07746 418279

New slaves, subs, masochists and playthings will be required to pay a deposit to secure their booking. Please note the Ladies DO NOT provide any personal services.

The Ladies

Mistress Absolute-is an internationally renowned Domina with over 10 years of professional experience. She particularly enjoys  CP, trampling and needle play but Her repertoire is extensive. For more information on Mistress Absolute visit Her website www.mistressabsolute.com

Mistress Jezabel-globe trotting deviant, human work of art and sensual sadist. Jezabel enjoys a wide range of activities with a penchant for the extreme, limits are pushed but respected. For further details see www.mistress-jezabel.com

Megara Furie - world travelled Scottish Domina, martial artist and shock junkie. She revels in humiliation, ballbusting and sadism and loves to torture with a smile. For more info see Her website... www.mistressmegara.com

Lady Isabella-is a life-long natural Domme and Lifestyle slave-Owner.  She is exceptionally strict and expects absolute obedience from those who seek to serve Her.  Elegant and controlling, with a long-standing love of high-protocol, She provides mercilessly vigorous training to ensure that Her slaves fulfil their tasks.

Mistress Hurtmore-is a Dominant Fetishist whose mind and voice are a powerful combination. An excitable disciplinarian, she has a love of precision and protocol, and instructs with a firm hand and a fierce tongue.

pictures up soon

Tuesday, 23 July 2013



You have all heard of cuckolding before, but there is a new movement in the Femdom world…Lesbian Cuckolding.
Join Mistress Jezabel and Lady Bellatrix on August 18th for the ultimate cuckolding spectacular.
We’ve grown tired of men promising to satisfy our voracious appetites, and we’ve been left unfulfilled by your pathetic “manhood”. A Woman knows what a Woman wants and now the two of us are about to take matters into our own hands.
We will force you to watch us in action, making you realise how little we are interested in you. We will laugh at your useless existence as you beg and plead for our attention. Slapping you and spitting on you will make us get off even more!
We are offering two hour filmed sessions for just £200! Limited sessions available.
Limits respected. Humiliation guaranteed!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Luckily we have Air Conditioning in the Dungeon :)

I am very excited this week as I am off with Mistress Absolute and Lady Bellatrix to the premiere of the remastered 'Preaching To The Perverted' at BAFTA.

Lady Bellatrix and I are also filming soon.We are doing some sadistic clips, and also offering lesbian cuckolding sessions...

Sessioning as usual...remember if you want a same day call before 1pm