Friday, 18 October 2013

Autumn term....

I have had to cancel my October Dubai trip, this is most annoying as I was looking forward to seeing my playthings, I will reschedule a date in November or January so watch this space.
I had a slave buy my a ticket to Thailand, which has made me very happy. I am still looking for other contributions towards my trip, I would prefer these over any Christmas gifts. I need my flight to Samui, Training camp and Bangkok hotel sorting, email me if you would like to help.

I will be in Thailand 2nd-23rd December, so if you want to see me before I go get in quick! I will be sessioning as soon as I return if you are in the mood for a festive bout of naughtiness :)

I have added new clips on my store including cuckolding with Lady Bellatrix.

I am back studying so my hours have changed...

Monday: 10am-5pm 9pm-late
Wednesday:10am-6pm 10pm-late
Thursday:10am-5pm 9pm-late

this schedule can be more flexible with advance booking..

J x